How to clean and maintain Natural stone


Natural stone floors can enhance the appearance of your home’s interior. They make any room alive. Granite, marble, and limestone are solid and exceptionally beautiful. Properly designed, cut, and polished, they can create the perfect atmosphere and feel great under your feet. Many people hesitate to have natural stone floors installed because of the perceived difficulty of keeping them clean. The fact, however, is that there are fewer surfaces as easy to clean as natural stone.

Tile and Grout cleaning

Once the stone has been laid down, it is important to remove all left over grout residue. This should be done by a professional floor cleaning services, to avoid scratching the floor.

A number of cleaning products have been designed for the specific purpose of removing any residue. You should purchase the one that is appropriate for your stone and use it to wipe down your flooring surface. When it comes to routine maintenance, it is important to keep a few things in mind.

First, do not use the standard floor cleaner brands found in supermarkets. Such products contain acid or bleach, and these will quickly degrade and destroy your floor. You should use a pH neutral detergent suitable for the cleaning of natural stone tiles. Do not under any circumstances use bleach or any product that contains bleach. Doing so will not only deface the surface of your floor it will actually break the sealant holding the stone tiling together and therefore destroy the whole of your flooring. Special application cleaners such as Viakal are popular for removing limescale in bathrooms and kitchen countertops. These should not be used on any surface made of limestone or marble.

You will only damage your natural stone by cleaning it with such cleaning solutions. In many cases, the best way to keep your natural stone flooring clean is to wipe it down daily with water or disposable cloths doused with a mild disinfectant. You should also get into the habit of taking your shoes off before walking on your natural stone flooring. That will keep to a minimum the amount of dirt and grime dragged in from outside. Special products for natural stone cleaning can be purchased online. A quick search of the web will give you access to the sites that sell such products.

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