Sealing Stone, Tile and Grout

Natural stone and most types of tile are porous and need to be sealed in order to prevent dirt from becoming ingrained, as once that happens the floor will become dull in appearance and make the floor difficult to keep clean. Maintaining the sealer is therefore an essential part of floor care.

Before sealing any surface it should be deep cleaned first, otherwise dirt will be trapped under the sealer and it will never give the desired appearance. Once the floor is completely dry it can then be sealed. We also recommend adding sealer to the grout as the top layer of grout can also trap dirt.

Choosing a Sealer

There are essentially two types of sealers, Topical and Impregnators. In most cases we recommend the use of an impregnating sealer which soaks into the tile and fills the pores to prevent dirt from becoming ingrained there.

Clay based tiles also benefit from a couple of coats of topical sealer which sit on the surface and add a nice shine to the floor. Sealers can produce different effects on stone including enhancing the natural colour within the stone, adding a sheen or keeping a natural look.

To produce a very high shine on polished stone we recommend buffing in a crystallising powder which adds a very durable but natural looking polish to the stone.

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