Granite and Marble Counter Tops

Reveal the Beauty of Your Marble Countertops: Professional Cleaning, Polishing, Sealing, Stain, and Scratch Removal Services

Marble countertops are timeless and elegant additions to any space. Their luxurious appeal and natural beauty can elevate the overall aesthetic of your kitchen or bathroom. However, over time, daily use and exposure to various elements can diminish their shine, leaving behind stains and scratches. That’s where our expert marble countertop services come in. We specialize in providing comprehensive cleaning, polishing, sealing, stain removal, and scratch repair services to restore the exquisite allure of your marble countertops.


Our meticulous cleaning process goes beyond surface-level dirt and grime. Using specially formulated marble-safe cleaners, we gently remove any stains, residue, or buildup, revealing the true beauty of your marble countertops. Our experienced technicians employ industry-leading techniques to ensure a thorough and deep clean without causing any damage.


To revive the luster and brilliance of your marble countertops, we employ professional polishing techniques. With precision and expertise, we buff away minor scratches, dullness, and imperfections, leaving your countertops with a smooth and reflective finish. Our polishing methods enhance the natural veining and patterns of your marble, showcasing its inherent beauty.


Protecting your marble countertops is essential for their longevity. Our sealing process creates a barrier that guards against stains, moisture, and daily wear and tear. We utilize high-quality sealants that penetrate deep into the marble, forming a protective shield without altering its appearance. This ensures that your countertops stay resistant to staining, making maintenance easier and preserving their pristine condition for years to come.

Stain and Scratch Removal:

Even the most careful use can result in unwanted stains and scratches on your marble countertops. Our skilled technicians are equipped with the expertise and tools to effectively treat and remove stains, whether from acidic spills, oils, or other sources. Additionally, we address minor scratches and blemishes, restoring the smoothness and integrity of your marble surfaces.


Don’t let stains, scratches, or a lackluster appearance diminish the elegance of your marble countertops. Our professional cleaning, polishing, sealing, stain removal, and scratch repair services are tailored to revive the beauty of your marble surfaces. Trust our experienced team to enhance and protect your investment, ensuring that your marble countertops continue to radiate timeless beauty and sophistication.

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marble bar top stains removal and polishing in windsor
Marble countertop stains removing in Cobham

Here at Didi Floor Shine we have developed a method utilising diamond encrusted pads of different grades that will cut back the surface of the stone and rebuild that deep polished shine.
If your stone worktop has lost its shine do contact us for a quote. It’s not as expensive as you might think.

red marble countertop bathroom in windsor

Marble Onyx Countertop in a London Bathroom Before and After Restoration by Didi Floorshine

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