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Granite and Marble Counter Tops

Restoring the Polished Appearance of Stone Wo rktops

There are many alternatives but you can’t beat the natural beauty that a natural stone counter-top provides, they are a very desirable feature and a real asset to any property. Invariably made from Marble or Granite, cut to size and then highly polished in a factory before being installed. The polish on natural stone will however fade over time and will need to be re-polished to restore that deep shine that makes it so desirable.


Here at Didi Floor Shine we have developed a method utilising diamond encrusted pads of different grades that will cut back the surface of the stone and rebuild that deep polished shine.
If your stone worktop has lost it’s shine do contact us for a quote, it’s not as expensive as you might think.

Marble Onyx Countertop in a London Bathroom Before and After Restoration by Didi Floorshine

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